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We are an African company, inspired by the people we serve and are determined to change the lives and businesses of our customers through tailor made solutions. We are committed to finding customer specific solutions to unique challenges, creating a network of positively impacted individuals.

We are a financial services company, offering services and solutions to Consumer, Business & High Net Worth Clients, in Africa as well as key global locations.

Our compelling inspiration is to power businesses to achieve their dreams through providing tailor made financial solutions. We offer a wide range of products and financial solutions.

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to power sustainability in businesses and advance financial opportunity. Our business is centered around the people we serve. As the financial space evolves so do our services. We seek to empower businesses through an array of financial services and aspire to create economic sustainability

Our promise

Tailor made solutions: We treat each customer’s needs with the uniqueness they deserve.

Consistency: Our products and service only get better!

Partnership: Rather than see you as a customer, we thrive to form long-lasting partnerships.

Speed: We shall process your requests and applications with the speed they deserve. We respect your urgency.

Why Choose Us

We look to create long-term relationships with clients, based on mutual trust and openness.

Our aim is to offer holistic advise, taking in all aspects of your financial affairs to produce a complete picture.

We go beyond the obvious, meaning you can benefit from insightful and in-depth analysis of your financial circumstances.

We offer the best possible rates in the market to enable you achieve your financial goals with our financial services.

Our professional financial consultants will asses your financial need and offer you professional advise based on your financial situation to ensure you benefit from our financing.

Getting a loan from a bank can take weeks or months of waiting. We know that you don’t have time for that. We pride ourselves on delivering loans as fast as possible and will work hard on getting you that loan from the moment you apply.

Thanks to the support of our clients, fans and ambassadors has allowed us to further enhance our Giving.

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